360 Videos & Photography

VOKOBOX is the one-stop solution to give your company an edge over the competition. With a unique combination of modern robotics and proprietary automation software, the VOKOBOX can produce in both small and large quantities of video, 360 degree videos and catalog quality photos in record time. The abbreviated approach is time and budget friendly which appeals greatly to those looking to get introduced to the video marketing concept, or those looking to cover a large quantity of products.

Producing videos up to :60 in length, the VOKOBOX creates stylized videos that effectively deliver the most important product information to the consumer complete with visual and audio aid. VOKOBOX videos are a concise and cost effective way to impactfully deliver marketing messages on any product in your lineup. Videos can be produced in different quantities, varying from small to large product sizes, and simple to extensive in detail.

VOKOBOX videos are a proven way to bring your message to your target customer by highlighting the product and accentuating it with detailed graphics. This gives your potential customer all the information they need to make an informed purchase right from your website in as little as :60 seconds.

If you’ve been searching for a simple way to elevate your marketing efforts, but cannot find a way to justify the time or effort it takes to execute a video marketing campaign- VOKOBOX is the solution. The VOKOBOX was created to deliver simple, quality marketing materials that require little involvement in the process. If you have been looking for a way to increase sales, our simple step by step process will get you one step closer to the marketing plan you’ve been looking for with less effort than producing digital media in-house.

Here’s What the VOKOBOX Can Do for You

The VOKOBOX was specifically designed to help your business excel by creating an e-commerce experience for your customer that builds trust and loyalty. Trust generates sales, loyalty creates repeat business, and together, they increase your bottom line.

Keep your customers informed and engaged by removing doubt and answering questions that would otherwise go unanswered. Whether you run an e-commerce site only, or have a brick and mortar location- you must have informative product coverage to make sure you close the sale every time.

A Searchable Medium to Increase Traffic

Having quality marketing materials like videos, 360’s and photos on your products make them a highly searchable medium that can drastically increase your web traffic.
Engaging content is the very best way to grow any business. If you’re looking to bring your products to life in front of your target market, we can help. Getting in touch with us is easy. We are always interested in learning about what drives your business forward. Contact us to find out how VOKOBOX can do that for you.

The VOKOBOX Video Process: Three Steps to Bump Up Your Bottom Line

First, we clearly define your marketing needs in a setup call by identifying which products in your lineup need coverage. During this step will also discuss objectives and goals and where you intend to use your materials. Don’t let your product volume deter you- you can ship them to our warehouse facility OR we can send a team to you!

Once we determine your order we have an on-staff scriptwriting team that does all of the research and copy writing. You’ll get to inspect and approve the text before we move on to production. Production will entail everything we discussed in your setup call.

The final step is where you receive, review and approve your media. You are now ready to implement your new digital marketing materials in any way that you see fit. Social media, YouTube, website content, e-commerce, training tools, are just a few great ways to utilize your videos, 360’s and photos.

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