Video Production

We Supply Industry Leading Product Video Production

Voko Video is proud of the industry-leading product videos we create for our valued clients. Voko Video specializes in bringing your products to life by “virtually” putting your products and services in the hands of your target market with industry-leading product video production. The videos we create are professional and searchable. That means that you can double the traffic to your website by using our product video production services. This type of visual marketing turns visitors into sales.

In order to make video marketing sensible, we must make the entire process convenient and efficient. That’s why in addition to taking video production off of your to-do list, we also make the process as easy as possible. We have streamlined the video production process you can ship your products to us or we can send our mobile video production experts to you.

Top of the line product video production

Voko Video only uses the latest in equipment and software to capture your products in the highest quality available. Our talented staff of project managers and editors can ensure the most effective marketing videos that represent your company and your message clearly. Each step of our process is meant to strengthen your brand making it easy for potential customers to become paying customers.

A customized approach to each project ensures a look that matches your existing branding. In addition to custom animated logos and graphics, hand selected music beds and voice overs are also chosen to enhance the product and project even further. Our professionals research your product and source complementary materials if needed to make sure that each detail is perfectly depicted.

Our product video production team captures the very essence and message of your company in every video.

How it works

First, we clearly define your marketing needs in a setup call by identifying which products in your lineup need coverage. During this step will also discuss objectives and goals and where you intend to use your materials. Don’t let your product volume deter you- you can ship them to our warehouse facility OR we can send a team to you!

Once we determine your order we have an on-staff scriptwriting team that does all of the research and copy writing. You’ll get to inspect and approve the text before we move on to production. Production will entail everything we discussed in your setup call.
The final step is where you receive, review and approve your product videos. Social media, YouTube, website content, e-commerce, and training seminars are just a few great ways to utilize your videos.

Product Video Production That We Believe In

We specialize in bringing your products to life so that you can improve your ecommerce customer experience and in turn increase sales. Converting visitors to shoppers and then into loyal, repeat customers is about answering their questions, solving their problems, and building their trust. And that same standard goes for Voko Video.

We consult you as the customer first, to ensure we are on the same creative page, with approvals throughout the process. The scriptwriting part of the process is done in-house which means you’ll get the benefit of experts who’ve done their research on your unique value propositions and one-of-a-kind features. The scripts are carefully reviewed and approved before we begin production. Products can be shot in-studio or in-use captured in lifestyle or demonstration style videos complete with logo animation and graphics package. Lighting, music and voice over options further enhance your video. After production, we send for a final approval before being released.

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